The Protein Misfolding Drug Discovery Summit

Who Attended in 2020?

The inaugural Protein Misfolding Drug Discovery Digital Summit

With protein misfolding and aggregation prevalent in neurodegeneration, cancer, metabolic and ophthalmic diseases, the unmet clinical need presents huge opportunity to accelerate the discovery and translation of novel therapeutics to transform patient outcomes. However, despite decades of clinical lessons, revived investment and scientific progress in understanding the molecular biology of protein misfolding disorders, there are still currently no approved disease-modifying therapies or cures available.

As such, the inaugural Protein Misfolding Drug Discovery Summit has been established as the only industry and translational focused forum for large pharma, innovative biotech and research institutes to shift the drug design discovery paradigm and seize the untapped therapeutic opportunity to target protein misfolding and aggregation.

Built with large pharma and biotech insights, this summit will unite drug discovery and development professionals to help validate novel druggable targets that underlie protein conformational diseases, improve preclinical predictability of patient derived models, optimize drug pharmacology and accelerate the translation of novel protein misfolding targeted therapeutics into the clinic.

Snapshot of 2020 Speaker Faculty:

Aubin Michalon

Principal Scientist


Daniel Tardiff

Director, Discovery Biology


Matthew Townsend

Global Director of Proteostasis, Alzheimer's Disease


Michele Vendruscolo

Professor & CSO

Cambridge University Centre for Misfolding Diseases & Wren Therapeutics

Marcia Taylor

VP Research & Neurodegeneration Alliance Manager


Neil Cashman

CSO & Co-Founder

ProMIS Neurosciences

Rick Morimoto


Northwestern University

Wagner Zago



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