Successfully Validate Novel Targets, Improve Preclinical Predictability of Patient-Derived Models & Optimize Drug Pharmacology to Accelerate Translation of Robust Protein Misfolding Targeted Therapeutics into the Clinic

With numerous molecular approaches emerging that demonstrate viable efficacy of targeting protein misfolding and aggregation, join the Protein Misfolding Drug Discovery Summit – the only industry and translational focused conference dedicated to the discovery and translation of disruptive disease-modifying therapeutics with optimized pharmacology to target protein misfolding in proteopathies and cancer. 

For the full run down of speakers & topics covered, check out the event guide.

5 Key Reasons To Attend

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Discover the latest understanding of different molecular approaches towards targeting protein misfolding with insights from Prothena & Stanford University

Overcome preclinical challenges for robust translation of protein misfolding targeted therapeutic candidates into the clinic with insights from AbbVie & Eli Lilly

Understand different drug modalities such as immunotherapies,
small molecules and peptide-based approaches to
accelerate your candidates to clinic with insights from ProMIS
Neurosciences, CantaBio Pharmaceuticals & Aelin Therpaeutics

Leverage cross-learnings from clinical case studies to successfully and robustly translate your drug candidates into different clinical indications with insights from Anavex Life Sciences & Lysosomal Therapeutics

Join the momentum to reverse the undruggable nature of misfolded
proteins and aggregates with insights from Yumanity & Wren Therapeutics