Gergely Tóth

Gergely Tóth

Company: CantaBio Pharmaceuticals

Job title: Founder & CEO


Dr Gergely Tóth founded Gardedam Therapeutics in Palo Alto, CA in 2009 and is CEO of Cantabio Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Tóth is also affiliated with the School of Pharmacy at University College London (UK) as a Honorary Lecturer and with the Research Center for Natural Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary) as the Head of the Research Group for Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Discovery. He is a scientist and a serial entrepreneur with a long-term focus on developing therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases. He holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Creighton University (U.S.) in 2001, and an Executive M.B.A. in 2012 from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge (UK). He was a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Molecular Biology at the University of California at Berkeley (U.S.). Dr. Tóth previously held various research roles in small and global biopharmaceutical companies in the U.S., where he mostly pursued drug discovery research for Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 


Panel Discussion: Conducting a Strategic Analysis of Protein Misfolding Therapeutics 2:00 pm

• What are the strengths of companies active in developing protein misfolding therapeutics? • What is a bird’s eye view of the space in terms of how money has flowed in/out? • What do companies in this space need to change or improve to accelerate their scientific progress? • What is the market opportunity and…Read more

day: Day Two

Targeting the Intrinsically Disordered State of Tau & Alpha-Synuclein By Small Molecules as a Therapeutic Strategy for Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease 12:00 pm

• Intrinsically disordered tau and alpha-synuclein are viable receptors of drug-like small molecules • Application of computer-aided structure based and biophysical screening paradigms resulted in the discovery of novel small molecule ligands to tau and alpha-synuclein • Targeting the monomeric state of intrinsically disordered proteins by small molecules to reduce their misfolding and aggregation is…Read more

day: Day Two

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