Johnny Habchi

Johnny Habchi

Company: Wren Therapeutics

Job title: Head of Research


Johnny has served as Wren Therapeutics Head of Research since its foundation in 2016. Prior to taking this role and until present, Johnny continues to be active in the academic setting where he is supervising research projects in the Centre for Misfolding Diseases, at the University of Cambridge, that are focused on developing new methodologies in drug discovery for protein aggregation across several disease areas. His research has led to the first proof of principle on the mechanism of action of a small molecule targeting the aggregation of the -amyloid peptide in Alzheimer’s disease and to a conceptual shift from structure-based to kinetics-based drug discovery targeting protein aggregation in protein misfolding diseases.  Johnny has authored more than 40 publications with more than 1.5k citations. 


A Network Kinetics Drug Discovery Strategy for Targeting Protein Aggregation 2:20 pm

• Protein aggregation is a kinetics process, therefore kinetics readouts are needed • Unravelling the mechanism of protein aggregation using chemical kinetics at a detailed microscopic level provides with an exceptional opportunity of a controlled intervention and consequently leads to a selective targeting of the toxic species • The quantitative and predictive power of chemical…Read more

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